“Sometimes you have to break the schedule to make the schedule. Be spontaneous. Take a day off. Go on an adventure. Live a little. Have some fun. Yesterday, we put everything aside and went for a very long walk on the beach. It turned out to be such a great day. We both felt so satisfied and happy at the end of it. We returned to our work with renewed hearts and ambition. Today, we got so much done, it was incredible. It’s like we really needed to throw out the schedule for one day just so that we could refresh and renew our ambition to keep our schedule. Life is too short to live each day rigidly, and scheduled. Allow yourself to relax once in a while. Follow the callings of your heart.” 

Akiroq Brost


Self care

I know it sounds a bit fluffy. It’s sounds indulgent and not something that you’d have time for.

A big, essential part of my own ongoing wellness, is learning to look after myself.

Self care to me, is accepting myself, taking time to do enjoyable things and spend time alone and with the people I care about.




Without self care

If you are feeling mentally unwell; stressed, anxious, depressed, chances are  you are burnt out and feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

Maybe you’ve been pushing too hard for too long. You’ve said yes to too much and you’re doing things you don’t enjoy, because it feels like you have to.

Life today looks full of stress, pressure and limited time for most people. 



Recognise how you are feeling

Take some time to sit and look at your life.

How much time are you feeling stressed, anxious or low? How much of life are you enjoying and feeling peaceful, satisfied with how things are?

Maybe you believe you need to push even harder, to force yourself to be OK. To put these feelings to the back of your mind and to carry on struggling through, hoping that one day things will shift and get easier.

Even after weeks, months or years of trying to get better this way, it hasn’t worked. 

I encourage you to STOP and consider some self care time.



What does it look like?

Wellness starts by becoming your own best friend. Would you tell a friend to carry on pushing?

It’s time to start working on loving yourself (at least liking) and try to stop berating yourself.  It’s time to start nurturing yourself when you’re not feeling good. To take a couple of hours out, for you. To spend some time alone, in nature, or with someone who can help you feel nurtured and cared for.

It’s time to start doing the things you like and love again, the things that make you feel good about who you are.



Re-evaluate your life

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the things in your life; things you can say no to, start saying yes to. Perhaps there is something new you’d like to learn or somewhere near by you’ve always wanted to visit. A part of wellness is accepting that there are some things you simply do not enjoy, slowly you could start to notice how activities and events are making you feel. Could you reduce the amount of time doing them, or cut them out all together?

It’s time to accept that you might need to spend a little bit more time alone, or maybe you need to reach out for help.




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