Depression looks different for each person. It is hard to fully describe with words alone because it’s a feeling.

A heavy feeling in your stomach that can’t always be shifted. Or maybe it’s not feeling anything at all.



It’s crying easily when something goes wrong or you feel let down. Or not feeling that you enjoy anything anymore, you can’t feel love for loved ones.

It’s a persistent voice inside of your head that says “you’re not good enough” “you’re a failure” and it’s so much more.



When I work with people experiencing depression we explore it in words, feelings, bodily sensations and colours.

It can help to start to unpick what the depression is, what does it look like and what does it say? Where is it located – is it within you or hanging over you?



Some of the work we do is about getting to know it and letting it have a voice. More than likely, because it’s unpleasant, clients want to try and ignore it and push it away.

This is completely understandable.

The space I offer can be used to gently let the depression have a voice, be seen and heard. Let it be released, with me there to support and help hold the experience.

I will meet you in your experience, I will work to feel what it is like so that we can work out of it together.


I will hold the hope