“An essential component of this self-care can take the form of spending time in nature. Natural environments—green spaces, lakes or oceans, the mountains, and the forest—tend to have a present-centering effect that brings our attention to the here and now. It precipitates a shift from the sympathetic division of the central nervous system (that engages in response to stress) to the parasympathetic division. This activates the body’s relaxation response, wherein breathing slows down and deepens, internal dialogue becomes less incessant, and worries are less pressing.” 



Some clients, I believe would benefit from not being in the counselling room but outside in nature.

Instead of facing each other in an unfamiliar room you may prefer walking side by side.

Being outside can offer psychological and physiological healing by connecting to something greater than ourselves with the added bonus of gentle physical exercise.



I am offering sessions at Carlton Marshes, Pakefield Beach and Gunton Woods at present. If you live a little further out I can look into where we could walk.

The pace is set by you and we can sit somewhere if you would prefer. 

Therapy in nature is £35, if you’d like to know more please contact me.